Thailand Guided Travel Tours: Explore the World with Ease

Embarking on a journey to discover the wonders of the world? Look no further than our exceptional guided travel tours in Thailand. Whether you're an intrepid explorer or a leisurely wanderer, our carefully curated tours cater to all types of travelers.

Seamless Planning : Leave the logistics to us. Our expert team meticulously plans every detail of your itinerary, from accommodations and transportation to the must-see attractions, ensuring a hassle-free adventure. Say goodbye to the stress of trip planning and hello to a carefree exploration.

Local Insights : Our knowledgeable guides are passionate locals who know Thailand like the back of their hand. They'll share their deep-rooted knowledge, revealing hidden gems and historical anecdotes that you won't find in guidebooks. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Thailand as you journey with those who call it home.

Tailored Experiences : Whether you're an adrenaline junkie seeking thrilling escapades, a foodie eager to savor local delicacies, or a history buff craving ancient stories, our tours can be customized to match your interests. We believe in crafting experiences as unique as you are.

Safety First : Your safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene, providing you with peace of mind as you traverse Thailand's diverse landscapes and vibrant cities.

Unearth the beauty, history, and culture of Thailand with a guided travel tour that promises unforgettable memories and meaningful connections. Pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

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Thailand Travel Tours

Rich in flavor, culture, history and beauty - Multi-Day Thailand Tours are a go-to for many travelers looking to explore such a diverse country.

Multi-Day Tours in Thailand are also popular thanks to their affordable prices, appealing to a broad variety of travelers from all over the world.

Whether you’re looking to experience a famous Full Moon Party on the island of Ko Pha-nga, relax on Krabi’s beautiful beaches, dive into the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or do all of the above (and more) - Thailand Multi-Day Tours are the perfect place to start!




Thailand 5-Day Tours

Have a spare five days to explore Thailand? Trek up into the mountains to meet Thailand's remote hilltribe communities on this 5 Day Northern Thailand Hilltribes Trek.

Head out from wondrous Chiang Mai and through a national park to Lahu and Karen villages, spend time with a shaman, explore deep caves by bamboo raft and marvel at the lush jungle scenery across five epic days. 

With all accommodation includes, a variety of delicious meal and guidance from an amazing G Adventures Chief Experience Officer (CEO) throughout - there’s a reason why so many choose to book this Thailand tour!


Thailand 7-Day Tours


“Seas” the day (or in this case, seven days) on this 7 Day Thailand Sailing Adventure. Enjoy a week aboard a 25m sailing catamaran and discover what makes Thailand special on this tour departing and returning to Phuket.

With an experienced captain navigating the southern islands, you’ll drop anchor at some of Thailand's most beautiful locations including Krabi Islands, Ko Phi Phi Don, Southern Phuket Islands, Ko Yao Yai and Ko Khai Nai - plus many secret spots perfect for a swim.

Work up an appetite snorkelling, dine on Thai cuisine and sleep moored under the stars on the ultimate tropical getaway!



Thailand 8-Day Tours


Take in the bustling pace of Bangkok, experience the colourful cultures of hilltribe communities and indulge in Chiang Mai on this 8 Day Northern Thailand Tour: Hilltribes and Villages.


Perfect for those aged between 18 and 30-something, this tour is ideal for anyone looking for the ultimate adventure through Thailand.


An active holiday with plenty of opportunities to explore and form friendships that will last even long after the eight days, this incredible trek ticks all the boxes and then some!


Take in the gleaming high-rises and bustling pace of Bangkok, come face-to-face with the colourful cultures of hilltribe communities and keep up with the night markets and cuisine of Chiang Mai. Take on Southeast Asia with an incredible guide and group of adventurous, young travellers and discover the perfect balance of fun and flexibility to help you make the most of it.



Thailand Multi-Day and Extended Tours (10 to 30+ Days)

Any experienced traveler will tell you that the beauty in multi-day travel comes with the incredible inclusions these tours offer - and often at unbelievable prices.


With value for time and money both a priority, these Multi-Day tours through Thailand are some of the best on the market.


With the choice of 4 star and 3 star boutique accommodation, 3 star hotel accommodation or hostel accommodation, this Thailand Elephants and Beaches 15 Day Adventure is an all encompassing journey that is sure to both inspire and delight.


Proudly a carbon neutral tour - see, do, feel and experience the best of the best in Thailand.

From witnessing sights and sounds you never even knew existed in Bangkok, to the beautiful mountainous city of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand, guests on this tour also get to enjoy a stop in Krabi with its stunning white beaches, crystal-clear waters and incredible marine life.


This is the tour of a lifetime and has been designed to ensure you get the most out of your time in Thailand.


Alternatively, there’s this 21 Day Northern Thailand And Beaches Tour for those wanting to dedicate three weeks to exploring this beautiful oasis.


Known as the ‘mother of all Thailand tours’ - cover absolutely everything there is to see and do in this amazing country on this epic 21 day adventure!


This journey will take you from bustling Bangkok up north to lovely Kanchanaburi, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Pai. Explore the natural beauty of the region, jump in waterfalls, trek through the jungle and see breathtaking ancient temples. From here, head to the beautiful islands in the south. It’s time to bring out the beach towel, put on some sunscreen and enjoy life. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters, work on your tan, sip on cocktails and visit some gorgeous hidden gems in the area. If this isn’t epic, we don’t know what is!  



Thailand Multi-Day Tour FAQs


How many days are sufficient for Thailand?
Avid travelers and industry experts recommend allocating 10 days for your Thailand adventure. This gives you an acceptable amount of time to visit Bangkok and another couple of destinations. Check out this Essential Thailand Tour and get ready to experience Thailand’s rich cultural heritage, natural attractions, beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine and pulsating nightlife across 10 epic days!


Is two weeks in Thailand too long?
Although 7 and 10 day trips to Thailand are certainly doable - two weeks in Thailand is optimal, as it really allows you to explore its best wonders. In two weeks, you have the ability to tick off multiple bucket list destinations including Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Koh Samui and Bangkok. 


How do I book a multi-day tour in Thailand?
You can book a multi-day tour directly through our website or, reach out to one of our awesome Customer Support team, HERE.


What are the most popular Thailand tour packages?
Teaming up with industry leaders Path DMC, we offer a range of fully-guided and part-guided tours throughout Thailand with accommodation options ranging from 4 star boutique accom to hostel accommodation. Why do people love them? Most of these tours are all inclusive and offer a Thailand travel experience unlike any other…all for a great price! Check them out, HERE.


How do I prepare for a multi-day Thailand tour?
There are a few things you can consider prior to embarking on a multi-day Thailand tour. These include checking Visa requirements prior to travel, ensuring you have packed appropriately for the climate and ensuring you are aware of appropriate cultural and hygiene behaviours.


What should I pack for a month in Thailand?
For a month in Thailand, the experts suggest packing: A good travel backpack, quality flip flops/sandals, a day bag, a reusable water bottle, waterproof phone pack and a copy of all essential documents e.g. Visa, travel docs, flights etc.


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